Igloo Reservations

Your new favorite outdoor dining spot!

Dine outside under the lights! Igloos are heated and warm, with lap blankets also provided. Each igloo is private and can be reserved for 2 hours. Please note: The igloo fees are for the private use of the igloo and is not applied toward dinner.

There is a 4 guest minimum and an 8 guest maximum for each igloo reservation, no exceptions.

Reservation Fees (non-refundable)

Weekdays: $25.00 + tax
Fridays & Saturdays: $50.00 + tax
Holidays: $100.00 + tax

Igloo #1 – Purple Rain

Purple Rain Igloo


Igloo #2 – Shine Like It Does

Shine Like It Does Igloo


Igloo #3 – Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame Igloo