Dinner with a View: A Twist on Dining With Fire and Ice

table overlooking a waterfall

Fire and Ice is thrilled to announce that our newly remodeled dining patio, complete with a stunning waterfall, is ready for you and your family to enjoy the best food in the Back Mountain! While we encourage you to enjoy our outdoor dining just to have an amazing experience, did you know that there are benefits to eating outside?

Benefits of Outdoor Dining

We know spending time outdoors is good for our body and soul. But did you know it also has direct health benefits? Take a look at these health benefits to outdoor dining.

  • Stress Reduction: Studies show that spending time outdoors is linked to stress reduction. Often, spending time outdoors distances us from the stressors of daily life, be it work, home, family obligations, and more. For those of us who spend time indoors in front of a computer screen, taking a short walk, eating our lunch outside, or simply sitting in the sunshine for a few minutes a day can really improve mood and act as a barrier from the anxieties we may face in the workplace and home.
  • Mood Booster: Many of us deal with the feeling of being down once in a while. Be it seasonally, work-life stressors, or just events happening around us, there is no shame in saying that you need a break. Spending time outdoors to enjoy a meal, or even just to take in the sights and sounds, can boost your mood. Going on short walks can actually increase the circulation to your brain, releasing serotonin and endorphins which helps bring you increased well-being.
  • Lower Risk of Illness: Did you know stress triggers the hormone cortisol which has been linked to various chronic illnesses including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke? By taking the time to venture outdoors, whether it be to enjoy a meal, take a walk, or simply rest in the sunshine, you can do your body good by preventing these chronic illnesses.
  • Concentration: Did you know that spending time in nature can increase your concentration? Studies show that students who spent time outside were able to concentrate better when studying than those who studied inside. Why not take that work meeting to an afternoon lunch outside? Your concentration may be higher and productivity may also increase, too.

Not only is being outdoors good for your mind and body but it’s just a better experience. With warmer months upon us and the nights lighter longer, eating meals outdoors gives you the change of pace you need to have a rejuvenated sense of being.

And what better place to dine outdoors and boost your spirits than at Fire and Ice?

Enjoy the outdoors at our waterfall and patio at Fire and Ice!

Eating out has never been easier than with Fire and Ice. Our staff is ready to take your call, book a reservation, and serve up great food in the beautiful outdoors of the Back Mountain. Call today for your reservation.