Our Best Vegetarian Dishes

vegetarian dish

It can be difficult to find something to eat on restaurant menus when you’re a vegetarian. At Fire and Ice, we want everyone to have something on our menu that they want to eat, let alone dishes they can eat. That’s why we have several vegetarian dishes that are perfect for anyone. It’s easy to…

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Prepare for Our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner!

St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated on March 17th every year for over 1,000 years. It was one of the few days where Irish families would waive their Lent–or Lenten–dietary restrictions to celebrate the passing of the patron saint. After establishing that custom, we have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with excellent Irish food without fail.…

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The History of Sauvignon Blanc

Most wines are confined to certain places. The grapes used to make them can’t grow in any kind of climate. This leads to several different wines becoming rare or expensive, making them favorites you can only have once in a while. That’s not the case with sauvignon. Sauvignon is a favorite that comes in many…

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