Fire and Ice’s Latest Culinary Creation: Truffle Mac & Cheese

truffle mac and cheeseAt Fire and Ice on Toby Creek, we pride ourselves on crafting and serving delicious dishes that are as unique as our patrons. Our latest culinary creation is truffle mac and cheese. Now, mac and cheese is a household favorite, so what is so special about truffle mac and cheese? We’ll tell you!

The Truffle

For those who don’t know, a truffle is the fruiting body of a certain type of fungus, mainly from the species of the genus Tuber -- not to be confused with the incredible chocolate treats of the same name. The origin of the word truffle comes from the Latin word tūber, meaning “lump” or “swelling.” They often grow underground near certain trees. For example, black truffles are commonly associated with oak, hazelnut, and cherry trees. There are several types of truffles, such as:

  • Winter Black
  • Winter White
  • Summer Black
  • Summer White
  • Asian 
  • Chinese Black
  • Terfez 

While they don’t sound very appetizing, truffles have been held in high esteem in many different cultures for hundreds of years and are highly sought after still to this day. In fact, some people took it a little too far; Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius served truffles with cow’s udders, flamingo brains, and cinnamon-flavored peacock tongues. We’ll stick with our mac and cheese, thanks. Though some other cultures were not fans of the delicacy, including the medieval church who believed that truffles were undesirable because they grew beneath the ground and had a reputation of being an aphrodisiac. Overall, truffles are a tasty treat that add a unique flavor to any dish.

Now how does one make truffle oil? Easy! To begin, you need the truffle of choice; make sure that it is fresh and dried out. The next ingredient you’ll need is oil -- it’s best to use olive, but any lightly flavored oil will do. Then on low heat, warm it up and add the truffles. The oil will then become infused with the flavor and aroma of the truffles over a short period of time, allowing you to add the unique taste to various dishes and meals once it has cooled.

Truffle Mac and Cheese

At Fire and Ice, our mac and cheese is already a fresh, creamy dish that you can’t get enough of. But after we add the truffle oil, it becomes a dish that everyone needs to try at least once in their life as it has an earthy, yet rich flavor. When enjoying your truffle mac and cheese, we recommend pairing the dish with something that is light and airy. Perhaps you can enjoy a fresh salad or snack on a shrimp cocktail before your meal. 

Find Your New Favorite at Fire and Ice on Toby Creek

Whether you choose to enjoy our truffle mac and cheese or prefer to find a new favorite dish on your own, we at Fire and Ice are here to make your night as memorable as possible. Make your reservation today! We look forward to serving you.