Friday Night Live Music at Fire and Ice on Toby Creek

man strumming on guitarThe nights are getting a little cooler, but our vibes are still hot. While our Fire and Ice customers are dining outside near our newly renovated waterfall, Friday nights will now feature great food, refreshing drinks, and live music.

As always, we ask you to call ahead for reservations and see if we have a live band! Previous local talents include the Dymond & Cutter and The Clarence Spadie Duo.

While live music is a great way to check out hometown bands while enjoying local eats, there are other reasons to enjoy our live music nights!

Live Music Boosts More Than The Mood

Though live music, in general, boosts the mood, there are added benefits to dining with music. Live music:

  • Enhances the ambiance. Whether you are dining near our waterfall or in our socially distanced dining room, the beauty of the Back Mountain combined with live jams is enough to get you a new feel to your old favorite place. Depending on the music, it can also set the tone for the evening--upbeat and fast, or slow and romantic, the grooves can move you in more ways than on your feet.
  • Makes socializing easy (and safe). We know now more than ever we are all sticking to our inner circle. But these shared experiences of live music can help us connect on new levels. Whether it is chatting about the selection on our Facebook page or sharing photos with friends, socializing has never been easier in a time of forced distancing.
  • Changes your outlook. If you have just had a stressful day at the office, or a chaotic first week back to school with the kids, nothing can cheer you up better than delicious drinks and live tunes. Whether it's a much-needed date night with your spouse or partner or a girls’ night out, live music, fresh dishes, and good drinks have us cheering all night long.
  • Helps you find new local favorites. We love to support local at Fire and Ice. And chances are, you do too! But dining during our live music nights, you may find your new local favorite band while also supporting a local restaurant.

Even though we are in a new era of dining, it doesn’t mean we cannot safely bring back some of our favorite parts of socializing. In a time when we need it most, music and food are here to connect us to those we love, near and far.

Get Connected with Fire and Ice and Live Music

Whether you want to dine in with us while enjoying local music or want to bring Fire and Ice home to enjoy with the family, we are here to help you stay connected when everything seems anything but.

At Fire and Ice, we pride ourselves on beautiful accommodations, delicious food, and socializing safely. Visit us online to book your reservation before 5 p.m. or call us at 570-696-3580 to secure your table.