Guys’ Night Out At Fire and Ice

a group of guys enjoying a night out with drinks

Saturdays are for the boys, which means Saturday night is when guys take a night out! The nightlife scene has taken a hit because of recent events, but it’s coming back and many are eager to get back out on the town. 

But how do you decide where to go? It’s pretty easy actually. You go where the beers are cold, the food is hot, and the music is local. That’s Fire and Ice, the perfect place to go for a guys’ night out.

Best Beers in Town

Of course, the most important thing for any guys’ night is the beer. It’s a staple, and you have to go somewhere with plenty in stock, but why pick someplace subpar? Go to a place with so many options that beer has its own menu. We’re serious, you can check it out.

Fire and Ice has draft beers, bottles, and cans for you to choose from. We have the classics, like Miller Lite, Guinness, Heineken, and Budweiser, but also some lesser-known brands. You don’t have to drink the same beer every time -- guys’ night out is a special occasion where you can treat yourself. Feel free to try a Belgian Tripel Ale, Golden Monkey, or another one of our special draft beers. If you want something by the can or bottle, try Michelob Ultra or Twisted Tea. If you don’t like them, there are always White Claw seltzers on deck.

And if you really want to experiment, feel free to build your own Beer Flight! Fire and Ice lets you get 4.75 oz pours of your choice of beer flight for only $7. 

Try a Cocktail

No one said you have to drink beer. We have a wide range of cocktails if you’re looking for something other than the hoppy side of life. While some of us like drinks that are malty and hoppy, others like the sweet juiciness of fruity cocktails.

One of our most popular is the New York State of Mind. It’s made with bourbon and Cointreau, combined with egg white and fresh lemon juice. We like to top it off with a house merlot floater and Luxardo maraschino cherry garnish. 

If you like something else with your bourbon, we also have the Blackberry Beret, with blackberry bourbon smash. Say that drink five times fast and the bartender will be impressed! It contains house-made mint-infused blackberry/honey syrup, fresh lime juice, and is topped with ginger beer. 

If you don’t like bourbon, that’s alright! We’ve also got cocktails made with rum, gin, tequila, and several different kinds of vodka.

Have A Guys’ Night Out at Fire and Ice

We have drinks and food for everyone, and entertainment too. There’s almost always a local artist that we announce on our Facebook page who’s going to perform! 

Fire and Ice is the best place in the area to stop by and hang out on a Saturday night with the boys. If you want to make sure there’s enough room for you and all your friends, you can make a reservation too!