What are House Wines?

If you drink wine, you’ve definitely had a house wine at some point or another. While they may not be the most unique or expensive, house wines have a lot to offer, and at Fire and Ice, we have four different choices to choose from so you’re sure to find one you love.

Rather than associate these wines with being inexpensive, we associate them with being dependable and plentiful. That’s why they tend to cost less than other wines. But if you’re wondering why it’s never a bad idea to settle on a house wine at Fire and Ice, we’ll explain. 

Why Drink House Wines?

Technically, you can get any wine we produce for yourself, but many of them tend to be costlier options. We have partners who produce them in mass so we can serve affordable portions to people who find them on the menu. House wines are inexpensive in that you’re not going to break the bank to get a bottle like Sean Minor Pinot Noir. But, that doesn’t mean they are of poor quality, they’re just more common and easier to make.

While it’s easy to get Chardonnay anywhere you go, you can’t eat our food with Chardonnay you get anywhere else. It’s not the same experience. When you pair the best food with your favorite wine, they only amplify what you love about each other. You can’t taste how much flavor your favorite house wine brings out of your food if you wait to drink what you have at home. 

While it is always great to try something new–we have a diverse wine menu–there’s also nothing wrong with drinking what you’re used to.

Where Does the Term Come From?

House wine used to be synonymous with the terms “jug wine,” “table wine,” or “bulk wine.” It has many names. At one time, these names meant that the wine was common and inexpensive enough that people could order it for the table. As time went on, the names changed to fit what the wine was stored in, “jug wine,” to the quantities it was purchased in, “bulk wine,” to where it was consumed, “table wine.” 

What House Wines Do Fire and Ice Have?

There are dozens and dozens of different house wines, but Fire and Ice selected four that match the tastes of our guests.

  • Pinot Grigio: A white wine made from a grape that mutated from pinot noir. Its taste has made it popular around the world and is easy to make.
  • Chardonnay: The red wine of whites, chardonnay is the perfect middle ground between red and white. Due to the dry style with which it’s made, it has more sugar at the bottom of the glass than most other wines.
  • Merlot: One of the most popular red wines in the world, and because the grape used to make it can adapt to a variety of climates, you can find it being made almost anywhere.
  • Cabernet: If not merlot, cabernet is the most popular red wine in the world. Like Merlot, it’s produced almost everywhere in the world, to the point that every restaurant has some kind of cabernet on its shelf.

Have a House Wine with a Restaurant Meal

You should never overlook the house wines at a restaurant, especially the house wines we offer at Fire and Ice. Make a reservation at Fire and Ice to try out a food-wine pairing that you’ve been missing out on. For outdoor dining, our igloos are by specified reservations only.