Reserve an Igloo Dinner While You Can!

an igloo at Fire and Ice

With the cold weather finally here, Fire and Ice on Toby Creek is excited to bring back the captivating dining experience of our outdoor igloos.  It’s a normal feeling to want to sit inside when dining at a restaurant, but our igloos give you the luxury of feeling like you’re dining outside while staying nice and warm!

It’s an experience unlike any other to have dinner under the night sky, with the stars overhead. Even on nights with less than preferable weather, an igloo can turn it around. Eating dinner with the sound of raindrops or the image of snow around you makes up for the poor weather. Truly, igloo dining is something new to try more than once.

And they don’t just come in only one style, but multiple! We have three different ones to choose from! They each have their own theme, so there is one to match the occasion!

Purple Rain Igloo

The “Purple Rain” igloo is the perfect dining experience to share with a group of friends. The purple lighting offers a fun and unique energy when dining! Whether you’re looking for a dinner with a vibe or a cool place to take Instagram photos, the purple rain igloo is the right choice. "Purple Rain" is open for reservations starting on November 12. Note that all igloos have a 2-hour limit when dining.

Shine Like It Does Igloo

The “Shine Like It Does” igloo gives a bright, warm feeling, all while dining outside. This igloo is perfect for a family gathering. The tables are decorated with sunflowers to create the perfect environment for a good time. If you’re looking for a more calm and serene theme for your dinner, this is it. Reservations are available starting on November 12.

Eternal Flame Igloo

The “Eternal Flame” igloo is an intimate, private igloo that features fiery lanterns. This is perfect for a small celebration or even a double date with your best friends! It’s the perfect in-between for a small but informal dinner! The "Eternal Flame" has several reservations available starting on November 13, which is coming up soon so don’t wait!

If You’re Looking for a Great Way to Dine Outdoors, Call or Visit Fire and Ice on Toby Creek Today!

Fire and Ice on Toby Creek is excited to bring our guests into these cozy and trendy spaces! Each igloo is private and heated. Guests are also offered lap blankets if needed. To reserve on a weekday, it’s $25; weekends are $50; holidays are $100. This reservation fee does not offset the total of your bill. Each reservation has a 4 guest minimum and an 8 guest maximum.

All igloo reservations are booked online ONLY at