Favorite Fall Dishes: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

food being prepared

Fall is upon us, with Halloween and Thanksgiving being the main attractions of the harvest season. As the weather begins to frost and the leaves turn to vibrant reds and golds, tastes change with the season as well. A great way to celebrate this time of change is by trying something new! Check out some dishes on our menu that embrace the flavors of the fall.

Autumn Appetizers

After coming inside from the cool temperatures, there’s almost nothing that hits the spot quite like a hot bowl of soup. Try out one of our house soups or the classic French onion, as both are sure to warm you right up from the chilly weather and prepare your stomach for a larger meal.

If you're looking to incorporate some flavors from the Thanksgiving dinner table, order an Orange Cognac Salad with a side of Mashed Potatoes. With dried cranberries and candied walnuts, this flavorful choice is perfectly complemented by our signature orange cognac dressing. The mashed potatoes, well, they speak for themselves.

Fall Feasts

If you find yourself browsing the lunch menu, why not try something fishy as a side with the Lobster Mac & Cheese! Imported bechamel cheese can’t be beat, especially when it’s paired with fresh lobster tail, topped off with an old bay panko topping! 

Chicken, peas, and corn, slow-simmered and baked into a flaky puff pastry pie crust. Now, that's a perfect dish for the autumn frost. In fact, Thanksgiving leftovers can also be the perfect ingredients to make your own pot pie. Until then, satisfy your pot pie cravings with our Stella Artois Chicken Pot Pie.

Salmon serves as one of the most versatile and flavorful fish. A fun fact about salmon is that they’re anadromous, meaning that divide their lives between fresh and saltwater. We serve our salmon with an apple cider glaze, quinoa spinach pilaf, and julienne vegetables. The apple cider glaze gives us the opportunity to incorporate one of the most signature flavors of the fall season.

Seasonal Spirits

Did you know the chilly fall temperatures signal bees to become more active to prepare for winter? If you’ve seen more bees around recently, maybe it's a sign to get your buzz going with some of our favorite new fall cocktails.

The Blackberry Beret delivers quite the punch with mint-infused blackberry/honey syrup, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer. The smooth and sweet bite of the Black Berry Bourbon Smash Bourbon is perfect for lovers of the fruity and flavorful.

Our Black Magic Woman is no regular vodka-cran. The Chambord liqueur combined with the cranberry juice creates a sweet, tangy flavor that cannot be matched, not to mention the presentation of this eye-catching cocktail. The shimmering silver luster dust and a hibiscus flower garnish are likely to put a spell on anyone who gazes upon it for too long.

Harvest Cocktail

During the fall season, the moon rises in the sky at the same time as the sunset. Because of this, it has always served as an extra light source to farmers trying to get some extra work in after sunset, hence the name “Harvest Moon.” Coincidentally, our “Harvest Moon” cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy as you watch the golden autumn sun descend over the horizon from our outdoor dining area. The festive flavors of apple cider and lime juice with a cinnamon sugar rim lock this cocktail in as a fall favorite. And as the Harvest Moon rises in the sky against the setting sun, raise your glass as a toast to this wonderful season of beauty and change.

Fire and Ice is the Perfect Place to Dine this Fall

The new season brings fall dishes perfect for treating friends and family as the holidays come and go! If you’re looking for a reason to try something new or a place to cleanse your palate, Fire and Ice is the place. Contact us today to make a reservation.