Seasonal Selection: A Guide to In-Season Vegetables

a pile of root vegetablesWhen thinking of vegetables that are in season during the fall months, we often think of squash and pumpkin. But did you know that there are several other vegetables in season right now in Pennsylvania? Fire and Ice on Toby Creek is here to share what they are and how you can incorporate them into your meals!

Broccoli is in season from September to November; it’s also in season during June and July. An easy way to make these tiny trees into a side for any meal is to roast them! For extra flavor, follow this recipe to make the perfect roasted broccoli coated in parmesan cheese and garlic. 


Carrots are in season from July until December, and there are plenty of ways to prepare carrots and include them in your diet. Whether you eat them raw as a snack, cook them for dinner, or add them to your grandmother’s carrot cake recipe, there’s no wrong way to enjoy these crunchy sticks. 


In season from July until October, the best way to enjoy peppers is by roasting them. At Fire and Ice, we have a number of different dishes that incorporate roasted red peppers. These dishes include our marinated stuffed portabella, filled with quinoa, sauteed spinach, roasted red peppers, and topped with charred tomato sauce, and our veal chasseur, sauteed and served with a marsala cream sauce, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers topped with tarragon and presented with a side of mashed potatoes and vegetable du jour.   


While many of us associate cranberries with Christmas, these little ruby red berries are actually in season from October until December. One of the best ways to enjoy them at home is to make the perfect fall sweet treat - cranberry squares!


This violet veggie is in season from July until October, so if you haven’t gotten some yet, now is the time! At Fire and Ice, our favorite way to prepare this vegetable is to make eggplant parmesan. Breaded in panko crumbs and fried, we serve the eggplant with fresh herbs, ricotta, blistered tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, and a three-cheese blend. It comes with your choice of vegetable du jour or pasta, which can be substituted with risotto. 


This leafy green may be popular, however, in Pennsylvania, it is only in season during the cooler months - from April to May and September to October. There’s no shortage of it at Fire and Ice though. We include spinach in many of our dishes, including our calamari siciliano, which is breaded and topped with plum tomatoes, sauteed spinach, garlic aioli, and balsamic reduction, and our spinach and artichoke baked bread dip.

A Night Out in The Back Mountain at Fire and Ice

Served only the freshest ingredients and seated amongst the beauty of nature, dining at Fire and Ice on Toby Creek is an experience like no other. Reserve your table today! We look forward to serving you!