Seared Scallops: Fire and Ice Culinary Spotlight

a plate of seared scallops

At Fire and Ice, we love to showcase our chef’s wide skill set with our seafood specialties. Even the simplest of the ocean’s ingredients hold impressive potential. Our Seared Scallops deliver a wonderful array of flavors to complement one of the finest ingredients the seven seas have to offer.

The Scallops

This shellfish is highly esteemed for its fragile texture and unique taste. Scallops, when found in the ocean, closely resemble their relatives, which include clams and muscles, but have a thin, grooved shell encasing them. The part that is eaten is called the adductor muscle, which is responsible for opening and closing the shell of the scallop.

The best way to cook them is to pan-sear each side, so that’s exactly what we do. When properly seared, the small white round of meat will have a slight outer crisp with a juicy, tender interior. The perfect texture is deliciously complemented by the touches of salty and savory flavors in this ocean treasure.

Port Wine/Pear Reduction

Perfectly thick and sweet, this sauce serves as an excellent accompaniment for the main attraction of the meal. Wine reductions are created by cooking down the wine to concentrate the liquid and create a richer, more flavorful sauce. Because it’s a little sweeter than regular wines, port wine is widely considered to be a dessert wine, making it the perfect thing to be combined with the crisp, juicy taste of a pear.

Toasted Hazelnuts

Although this nut is widely used to accompany various desserts and sweet treats, it shows its versatility by cooperating with the port wine/pear reduction to create a mouthwatering topping for the savory scallops. Toasting the nut brings out its best qualities by giving it an extra crunch and intensifying the flavors. Topping our seared scallops with chopped and toasted hazelnuts adds sweet, buttery undertones to the flavor profile of this dish and delivers a subtle crunchiness.

Goat Cheese Risotto

Right when you thought this dish couldn't get any better, we decided to serve it all on a bed of goat cheese risotto. Risotto is a simple Italian dish made by cooking rice in broth until it reaches a smooth, creamy consistency. Usually, parmesan cheese is added to make it even richer, thicker, and more flavorful. Since we pride ourselves on our unique creations, we use goat cheese in ours to add a creamy tartness to the meal.

Though, the risotto is not overwhelming with flavor, as to not take attention away from any other aspects of the dish. It serves as a marvelous channel to deliver the mouthwatering flavors included in the rest of the ingredients.

Experience our Expertise at Fire and Ice

With our outstanding options for seafood lovers to indulge in, you’re sure to delight your taste buds with our unique culinary creations at Fire and Ice.

Satisfy your shellfish cravings with our seared scallops, or please your palate with any of the other delectable choices on our menu. Make your reservation and we’ll make you a meal you won't forget!

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