What Makes for a Perfect Venue?

perfect venue

It can be difficult to find a venue that can accommodate all of your needs. Whether it's for a party, reunion, work function, or even a wedding, a good venue has certain features and services that make it the perfect place for you. But what are those features? Do they change depending on the event? How do you know you have the perfect venue?

There are specific features that the best venues have, and everyone at Fire and Ice works hard to make them available for all of our guests. This includes things like amenities, services, ambiance, and acoustics. Some venues can get away with only having the essentials, but the venues that go above and beyond make sure that your event is one you won’t soon forget.

What does all of this look like? Fire and Ice have several upcoming events–two in October–that you can come to and see what we mean. Our events show just what we can provide for your event when you’re looking for the perfect venue.

Witchy Wine Girl Wednesday

Our very own Heather Groblewski is pairing up with Amy Frenchko from the Northeast Wine Company to guide guests through a magical experience around wine. During this event, we will be hosting a stylish wine tasting, paired with three small plates. If you want to see how well we do with crowds of drinking adults, this is the perfect opportunity.

If you’re interested, be sure to wear witchy attire and bring your entire coven. This event is on Wednesday, October 12th, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, and requires reservations. Call 570-696-3580 for more information.

Fall Harvest Wine Dinner

If a happy-go-lucky wine-tasting event doesn’t match the energy of what you’re looking for, we also are planning a Fall Harvest Wine Dinner. This is a more formal event with a five-course meal. Each meal comes paired with a selection of lovely wines from our friends at the Northeast Wine Company. We even have Amy Frenchko coming back to show everyone what’s so special about the wines we’re pairing with everyone’s meals. 

This event is more comparable to the multi-course dinners of weddings and work functions, rather than social gatherings like parties and reunions. If you want to come to our Fall Harvest Wine Dinner, it’s Thursday, October 27th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Save the date, our menu will be posted soon on our Facebook page!

We have other events throughout the year. Recently we had our Fire, Ice, and Tarot night that we have throughout the year and an Asian night where we served different Asian dishes. If these two events aren’t something for you, we’re sure to do something that is.

What We Do To Be the Perfect Venue

Before we listed five things the perfect venue needs. A venue needs to have room to support your guest size, a place to store and keep food if it provides it, and to be available on a specific date. These are necessary to be a venue, but not what makes a venue perfect. What makes a venue perfect are amenities, services, ambiance, and acoustics.

  • Amenities: Amenities can be just about anything, but as a venue, this means we provide food, chairs, tables, and linens. You’re coming to us for an enjoyable place to be, and if all you can do is stand around starving, why would you want to be here? 
  • Services: Before, during, and after the event, we have a setup, wait staff, and cleanup crew who will take care of everything for you. A table can get messy after a few plates, and there’s no reason it has to stay that way.
  • Ambiance: There are few things worse than being in a room that doesn’t feel welcoming. When you’re throwing an event, whether it be something as professional as a work event or as important and emotional as a wedding, the ambiance has to be there. We can set up the theme or mood you’re trying to go for. We have an experienced team ready to make your dream come true, or help you turn something boring into something to remember.
  • Acoustics: Most events include socializing, but socializing can be difficult when you can’t hear anyone speak. At the same time, there should be music to fill the dead air, help create some ambiance, and give people something to dance to. Unless you’re planning a professional work function with no music, you need a location with good acoustics. We’ve held tons of events at Fire and Ice, and our different venue options are all well-designed with acoustics in mind.

Fire and Ice is the Perfect Venue for You

Across our property–including our special oak room, outdoor dining, and the restaurant as a whole–we have plenty of options to meet your event needs. We have the amenities, services, ambiance, and acoustics to create the event you want. To book an event with us, look at our options and call us at 570-696-3580.

If you want to see our location yourself and taste our food, come to our restaurant. You make a reservation online today.